Metallurgical Fluorspar

Metallurgical Fluorspar

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We offer metallurgical grade fluorspar, which is also known as calcium fluoride, CaF2, or fluorite. It is an indispensable raw material for steel manufacturers. A widespread mineral, it occurs in granites and various other volcanic rocks. The CaF2 comprises 48.9% fluorine and 51.1% calcium. And the metallurgical fluorspar is about 60% to 85% calcium fluoride. It is utilized in the process of steel making, as a fluxing agent. Metspar / fluorspar decreases the melting point and removes extra impurities. It also increases energy efficiency. We keep up with high-quality metallurgical fluorspar lumps. They are important for the metalworking industries, and meet the industrial demand.  

Key Aspects:
  • A versatile mineral for aluminum & steel industries
  • Several grades of fluorspar
  • High quality and competitive price   
  • Increases the fluidity of steel-making slags