Fluorspar CAF2 80%

Fluorspar CAF2 80%

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We offer fluorspar with excellent grades, such as fluorspar with 80% CaF2 content. It is essential for metallurgical, ceramic, glass, chemical and cement industries. With a wide range of industrial applications, it's a versatile material. This industrial mineral is known for its productive and economic advantages. It is great for aluminum and steel productions. We supply to customers with various grades for their specific applications. Our offered fluorspar has excellent characteristics that meet the industrial need. It is prepared by effective sorting, crushing, grinding and screening procedures.  

  • For removal of impurities in stainless steel production  
  • As a flux in metallurgy     
  • Used in iron and chemical industry
  • Used for smelting, aluminum industry
  • Also used in ceramics, cement and glass industries