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Taiying Source Technology Co. Ltd. is a famous mineral exploration and development firm, creating a significant strategic position in the fluorspar sector, and renowned as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of qualitative range of Fluorspar Ball i.e Refractory Fluorspar Ball, Fluoride, Caf2 and Quicklime. Fluorspar is heavily used in steel, aluminum and chemical industries as an indispensable raw material, and in a report of European Commission, fluorspar is named as one of the 14 critical mineral raw materials whose shortage can pose a substantial economic threat.

Three years back we realized the potential of flurospar market that was going through a paradigm shift, and China was evolving as one of the largest exporter of minerals and Fluorspar Ball. We have emerged as one of the limited number of illustrious companies listed in offering Fluorspar Ball, quicklime to towering market shortage. We have diversified our risks with variety of projects based in different parts of Asia including a large market in India.

The company takes daily account of the implication of social environmental and ethical concerns touching the business of the organization. At every stage of our development, we have adopted a specific policy on Corporate Social Responsibility, to protect the interest of organization as well as society through ethical and transparent actions.

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